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Hynes Convention Center (HCC)
Suspended Ceiling Demolition

Boston, Massachusetts

Client: JF White Construction
Owner: Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
About This Project
As a key subcontractor, LM Heavy Civil Construction, LLC (LMH) delivered this complex $4.3 million project, involving the selective demolition of approximately 36,000 square feet of 4-in cast-in-place (CIP) suspended ceiling concrete slab (of which approximately 1,600 lineal feet required hand-demolition at ceiling to wall intersection points). The work was acomplished using a custom lift-platform system developed by LMH specifically for the project. Five, 40-ft, Flatbed trailer trucks served as the base for each of the 10-ft by 40-ft frame systems used. Each frame supported a 8-ft by 40-ft steel shipping container with a total of 4 jacking legs, one in each corner of the frame, designed to  adjust up or down independently to accommodate changes in elevation. telescope up independently, allowing for adjustments to address varying elevations. 4 of the 5 trucks were used for the operation, with one on standby throughout the process. Prior to starting demolition work, crews installed 200 support hangers on each side of the tunnel to allow the ceiling to be cut into panels, most about 12 feet wide, 30 to 50 feet long and weighing about 30,00 lb. Using a manifold on the frame and a removable hydraulic pump, crews raised the containers so they could fit snugly against the ceiling before cutting supporting  hanger rods. At one location, a 75,000 lb, slab, sitting just 18-in below a convention center escalator pit, was cut at the south and north walls and at the edge of the northern most lane, leaving the three-lane-wide slab section to be removed in one single piece, carefully choreographing and executing the maneuver.
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