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Bridge Structure Replacement (F-01-014) ABCT I-195 over River Avenue (ABP)

Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Client/Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)- Highway Division
About This Project
As part of MassDOT's aggressive Accelerated Bridge Program, this $4.4 million project consisted of a bridge superstructure replacement using Accelerated Bridge Construction Techniques (ABCT), with 2 spans, 47 feet, 6.5" each, concrete deck over 30 prestressed concrete box beams, with each "span under work" planned for replacement within 60 hours over 2 weekends. Weekend One - Planned sequence started with work zone/traffic mgt. set-up and the removal of existing bridge overlay (removal of temporary post shoring, demolition of existing approach slabs & wing-wall caps, saw-cutting of transverse deck post tensioning, removal of existing box beams, and demolition of cap beam, bottom). The work continued with the installation of precast caps, coring of 2" holes for 1" anchor rods, curing/ anchoring bolt grout, 24-hr curing/ grouting under PC, installation of approach slabs, installation of modular units with bearings, and placement of control density flowfill. The first weekend work was completed with the installation of temporary steel closure plates, precasting of keeper blocks on precast cap, curing of backfill flowfill, casting in place closure joints for approach slabs, Installing Precast MOT Barrier, installing temporary markings, and all other incidental, ancillary and prep work to open span for traffic by 6:00 AM Monday. Weekend Two- Planned sequence of work started with zone/traffic mgt. set-up, removal of deck closure plates, temporary barriers, installation of snow fence at CIP barrier, FRP Closure pours, curing/closure pours, waterproofing, paving of base course, pavement markings, and all other incidental, ancillary and preparatory work to open span for traffic by 6:00 am Monday. In practice, the work was successfully completed mostly within the first weekend, for both spans
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