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MBTA Emergency Snow Removal

Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts

Client/Owner: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
61" of Snowfall
200+ workers mobilized
About This Project

The winter of 2015 saw record snowfall in the northeast, in the February alone, the city of Boston found itself covered in 64” of snow. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority in need to get the T system operational as fast as possible approached LMH to utilizes its fleet resources and Management experience to coordinate snow removal efforts in key areas of the greater Boston area transit system including Green Line Station Platforms, Both the Red & Orange Line rail, MBTA facility roofs, and various bus route locations.

The four major mobilizations of LMH resources to complete the snow removal included:

Green Line Mobilization- Efforts included the coordination of crews working two shifts clearing snow from the platforms of six station locations from Branford St. to St. Paul St. on both the inbound and outbound platforms.

Orange and Red Line Mobilization - The work on the Orange and Red Lines involved an immediate response from LMH to mobilize equipment and the hiring and coordination of over 200 people to clear snow from the tracks. The majority of manpower was put on the Red Line to clear snow from JFK Station south to Quincy Adams Station. LMH had two Vaia Car 804 working 24 hours a day clearing snow in front of the crews allowing the labor forces to clear snow from around the third rail and just below the surface of the track to allow the trains to run again. The Orange line work consisted of a similar operation but for just around Oak Grove Station.

Bus Routes Mobilization - Work for the bus routes had to be performed at night. LMH crews utilized a Volvo 180, Gradall and triaxle dumps to remove the snow and haul away. Locations were around the Boston area consisting of routes along Dorchester Ave, Huntington Ave, Tremont St, Blue Hills Ave, and Columbia Rd

Building Roofs - The MBTA was concerned with the roofs on several of their buildings and asked LMH to send crews out to these buildings and remove the snow from the roofs. Buildings included Bus Garages, Cart House, and the MBTA Police building on South Hampton St. LMH sent 5 crews out consisting of approx. 75 people and coordinated these crews to safely remove the snow from the roofs.

All this work was completed over 5 day period from February 15th -19th, 2015 and totaled approximately $950,000.

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