LMH owns and operates 75 pieces of large construction equipment and heavy machinery. with a total street value of over $7.3 MILLION In addition, LMH owns 159 smaller pieces of heavy construction equipment. And a commercial fleet of over 70 Cars, Trucks, and SUV's

Our Facilities

Hooksett Maintenance and Storage Facility

The day-to-day operations of the LMH Fleet are managed by our highly trained staff working out of a brand new Equipment Maintenance and Storage Facility in Hooksett, NH. The 16,000 SF Maintenance Garage gives our mechanics the ability to perform a wide function of service, repairs and fabrication in house.

Our Fleet

At LM Heavy Civil Construction, LLC (LMH) we understand that you can’t do the job right unless you have the right tools for the job and that by investing in our fleet of equipment we are capable of delivering high quality results, faster and on budget. LMH strives to maintain its position as a leader in its industry and nowhere is that more apparent than in our highly specialized fleet of construction equipment and the talented staff who maintain and coordinate their day-to-day movements. LMH and its Fleet are constantly evolving to meet the unique demands of each individual project and are equipped to handle any challenge.

Some of the unique features of our fleet include

  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring

    All of the machines in LMH's fleet are equipped with electronic remote engine monitoring, to allow our mechanics the ability to fix a problem before the machine breaks. This means less machine down time, leading to faster project delivery.

  • Rapid Mobilization

    In addition to its own extensive fleet, LMH maintains many connections with local equipment suppliers, providing rental and leased equipment to augment the capabilities and mobility of the LMH fleet. This localized network also means that LMH has the capability to mobilize the necessary equipment and work force for most projects within 36 hours.

    LMH demonstrated this capability most prominently during the winter of 2015 when it mobilized over 10 pieces of heavy machinery and 200+ workers to assist the MBTA in its efforts to clear snow and restore T service after monster storms had left the Greater Boston Area covered in 60+ inches of snow. Read More

  • GPS-Equipped Survey and Excavation

    Many of our earthwork equipment is outfitted with GPS capabilities, which work hand in hand with our field survey crews. Using the Lieca Geosystems Platform we ensure that the whole jobsite is working off the same plans, ensuring both speed and accuracy. GPS systems have been used on all of LMH's major sitework projects in the recent past, including Market Street, Avalon Marlborough, Framingham, & Quincy, Marina Bay, and Assembly Square.